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NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist Report

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 10/3/22 4:47 PM


Meeting with Congressman Womack

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 9/16/22 11:04 AM

On Friday, September 9th, NAIFA-Arkansas members and our State Lobbyist met with Congressman Steve Womack and staff. Thank you to all those who came to the meeting!

Today's New Insurance Risks with Rick Weston

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 9/13/22 4:33 PM

NAIFA-Arkansas is pleased to present you with a continuing education opportunity conducted by Career Insurance, Inc. Join us Tuesday, October 11 virtually from 2:00 - 5:00 pm for Today's New Insurance Risks presented by Rick Weston, CLU, ChFC, CPCU, LUTCF, FSS.

Meeting with Rep. Rick Crawford

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 8/30/22 10:32 AM

NAIFA-Arkansas members met with Representative Rick Crawford on August 26th at Rep. Crawford's office in Jonesboro, AR. Pictured left to right - Howard Woodall - Board Member & Advocacy Chair, Katie M. Burns - State Lobbyist, Representative Rick Crawford, and Bobby Bowen - Board Member & IFAPAC Chair. 

Northwest Affiliate Meet & Greet

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 7/1/22 10:49 AM

Northwest Affiliate Area Members:

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June 2022 Legislative Update

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 7/1/22 10:44 AM

On June 28th, Speaker Matthew Shepherd hosted a fundraiser in Rogers, AR benefiting the House Leadership PAC. Cove Street Consulting was asked along with a few other firms to sponsor the well attended event. This was a good opportunity to meet candidates from the northwest part of the state.

Central Affiliate July Meet & Greet

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 6/29/22 3:19 PM

Central Affiliate Area Members:

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Legislative Update - Primary Election Report

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 5/27/22 10:57 AM

2022 Arkansas Primary Election

While the 2022 Primary Election was mostly predictable, there were definitely
some major upsets.

Federal Races
Senator John Boozman-R, was successful Tuesday night winning 58 percent of the
vote. Boozman had three primary opponents with Jake Bequette being his biggest
threat. Boozman pulled away the last three weeks leading up to the election with
strategically placed ads against Bequette and also a solid focus on his own voting
record and the resources he’s brought to Arkansas.

All congressional seats were easily held by the incumbent. They will all face an
opponent in the fall but all are expected to remain victorious.

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NAIFA-Arkansas at NAIFA's 2022 Congressional Conference

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 5/25/22 3:12 PM

A special shout out and thank you to the NAIFA-Arkansas members that attended this year's Congressional Conference! It was a huge success filled with members coming back together, legislative meetings, and a huge impact made on Capitol Hill. Thank you all for your leadership and service to NAIFA. Check out some great photos from the event below!

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Legislative Update

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 3/31/22 10:37 AM

Speaker's Race
Speaker Matthew Shepherd secured another session in his leadership role despite some very interesting antics from his opposition. In the end, Shepherd's opponent, Representative Austin McCollum withdrew from the race prior to the vote.

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February 2022 Legislative Update

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 2/25/22 3:44 PM

Fiscal Session

The fiscal session officially began Monday February 14th. Governor Hutchinson's last state of the state address was interrupted by protesters regarding his prison expansion announcement. Multiple individuals were arrested for unruly behavior inside the gallery.

Only budget bills have been filed thus far, keeping in line with fiscal intent. The weather this week forced session to close Thursday and Friday -- members will be back Monday, February 28th.

Welcome February New Members

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 2/24/22 4:03 PM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-Arkansas this February!

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LILI Class Forming - Scholarships Available!

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 2/24/22 10:05 AM

NAIFA-Arkansas is forming a LILI class in 2022. Scholarships are being offered to the first TEN members that apply! Applicants must be a member in good standing and scholarships will be paid upon graduation from the course.

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February NAIFA Live Approved For 2 Hours of CE Credit

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 1/28/22 11:22 AM

Are you signed up for February's NAIFA Live? Next month's NAIFA Live will feature Ross Bernstein, inspirational business keynote speaking and best-selling author with
"The Champions Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability From The Sports World to The Business World." 

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February Legislative Update

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 1/28/22 11:14 AM

Arkansas Legislature convenes fiscal session February 14, 2022


The Arkansas legislature will convene their fiscal session February 14, 2022. In Arkansas, the constitution requires the state to accomplish a balanced budget every year. Budget hearings are currently underway.

NAIFA Quality Award Winners

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 1/27/22 4:07 PM

The NAIFA Quality Award provides advisors at any career stage the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to excellence. This includes:

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2022 Congressional Conference - Travel Stipends Available!

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 1/27/22 4:00 PM

Join fellow NAIFA members May 23-24 in Washington D.C. for this year's NAIFA Congressional Conference!

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Legislative Update

By Katie Burns, NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist on 12/9/21 3:17 PM

Governor Hutchinson announced today at his weekly press conference that he will be calling the General Assembly into session, to convene Tuesday, December 7, at 10:00 a.m.  The primary issue will be proposed tax cuts. The Governor said he has had assurances from leadership in the House and the Senate that there is a solid majority of support for the measure in both chambers. 

NAIFA-Arkansas Annual Meeting

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 10/7/21 12:09 PM

Join NAIFA-Arkansas for our 2021 Annual Business Meeting! We will also hear from NAIFA-Arkansas Lobbyist, Katie Burns with a legislative update. This meeting will be held virtually on Zoom on Thursday, October 14th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Click the button below to register.

Welcome June New Members!

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 6/29/21 12:34 PM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-Arkansas this June!

Belonging to your professional association sets you apart from the competition by ascribing to a Code of Ethics, voluntarily investing & participating in a performance-driven networking group, and serving your industry through advocacy and community service.

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New SNAP Eligibility System: Q&A With Community Partners

By NAIFA-Arkansas on 5/19/21 4:38 PM

New SNAP Eligibility System: Q&A With Community Partners
June 17, 2021 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Dear Community Partner,

Access Arkansas is a website for Arkansans to apply for DHS benefits. We’re updating Access Arkansas to make it easier to use and give our clients more options to apply for and manage their benefits online.

We know that you serve people in your community by helping them to get connected to Health Care (Medicaid), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA) benefits they may be eligible to get. You may even help them apply for benefits. That’s why it’s important that you also know about the updated Access Arkansas.

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Long Time NAIFA AR Member Makes a Difference

By NAIFA Arkansas on 4/30/21 4:30 PM

Bobby Bowen, one of the Arkansas Farm Bureau agents and a long-time NAIFA AR member, had a situation develop as a result of a 1930s state court case allowing a change to a beneficiary designation by a will instead of using the normal contract change documents.  He knew that one of his deceased clients, who was a personal friend, did not intend for the will to change the original beneficiary designation on his annuity contract.  So he went about getting a bill written for introduction in the 2021 Arkansas Legislative Session.  His State Representative, Reginald Murdock, saw the merit of the proposal and introduced it in the House with quick passage by a 93-0 vote.  Then Senator Joyce Elliott guided it through the Senate chamber with a 32-0 vote for quick passage also, and then Governor Hutchinson signed it into law as Act 925.  Now Arkansas is in step with the majority of the states requiring beneficiaries to be changed within the affected life and/or annuity contract.  All the credit goes to Bobby Bowen for recognizing a situation that needed to be corrected, and working tirelessly to get it done.

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NAIFA Live - May

By NAIFA Arkansas on 4/30/21 2:31 PM

How to Build a Location Independent Practice that Attracts Dream Clients Like Clockwork with More Free Time

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NAIFA Member Happy Hour

By NAIFA Arkansas on 4/30/21 1:02 PM

May 18th - Happy Hour & Membership Drive 4:30-6:00 PM (CT)

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Recording from 2021 Legislative Day Now Available

By NAIFA Arkansas on 4/30/21 12:26 PM

Watch On-Demand

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April 2021 NAIFA Live

By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/25/21 11:21 AM


APRIL 14, 2021

Join Scott Welle, #1 Best Selling Author and Founder of Outperform The Norm, for this dynamic, high-energy presentation that will help you raise your personal standard of excellence and give you an effortless action plan to put into place immediately.


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NAIFA Arkansas Appoints IFAPAC Chair

By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/25/21 11:00 AM

Will Corporon has been in the insurance and financial industry since 2002. He started his career calling on farmers and ranchers and helping them with life and health insurance.   Today, Corporon is owner of his own agency and  specializes in life insurance, Medicare, and Long Term Care Insurance. He is passionate about helping seniors, and their families, plan for retirement and beyond.   For the past 12 years he has proudly affiliated with New York Life as his broker-dealer.  He has been a NAIFA Member since 2010 and has been a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable.

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LILI Class coming soon to NAIFA Arkansas

By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/1/21 4:20 PM

The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) is a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing your personal growth and professional success.


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NAIFA Live March 10, 2021

By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/1/21 4:06 PM

CPA Partnering Perspective

Phil Raymond, MBA, CLU, ChFC, CLF, CFEd

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NAIFA Arkansas Bill Tracker

By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/1/21 3:58 PM

NAIFA partners with one of the best state legislative tracking services in the country.

View The Bills for Arkansas


By NAIFA Arkansas on 3/1/21 3:52 PM

NAIFA AR 2021 Calendar