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2022 Arkansas Primary Election

While the 2022 Primary Election was mostly predictable, there were definitely
some major upsets.

Federal Races
Senator John Boozman-R, was successful Tuesday night winning 58 percent of the
vote. Boozman had three primary opponents with Jake Bequette being his biggest
threat. Boozman pulled away the last three weeks leading up to the election with
strategically placed ads against Bequette and also a solid focus on his own voting
record and the resources he’s brought to Arkansas.

All congressional seats were easily held by the incumbent. They will all face an
opponent in the fall but all are expected to remain victorious.
Constitutional Officers

Gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the first race with more
than 83 percent of the vote. Sanders is the first female candidate for this office in
the state’s history and will face democrat Chris Jones in the fall. Jones is the first
representative from the black/brown community to win a nomination for this
office. A monumental race on many levels.

Lt. Governor
Even with six candidates in the race for Lt. Governor, Attorney General Leslie
Rutledge avoided an anticipated run-off securing the primary with 54 percent of
the vote.

Attorney General
Current Lt. Governor Tim Griffin defeated his primary opponent with 85 percent of
the vote despite his opponent changing parties to run as a republican.

SOS and State Auditor
Secretary of State John Thurston defeated former senator Eddie Joe Williams and
Dennis Milligan claimed a win for State Auditor.

State Treasurer
The biggest disappointment regarding a race for a constitutional office fell on the
race for State Treasurer. Despite multiple bankruptcies and multiple allegations of
unethical use of campaign funds, State Representative Mark Lowery defeated
Senator Mat Pitsch with 75 percent of the vote. There are discussions whether or
not Lowery will even make it to the general election with pending legal woes.

Arkansas Senate
The biggest surprises of the night were the defeat of Senator Charles Beckham by
businessman Steve Crowell. The State Chamber was heavily scrutinized by
Beckham for supporting Crowell but Beckham was not supportive of the business
community last session.

Senator Bill Sample lost his seat to Matt Mckee. This is a huge loss for the business
community. McKee is the former Hot Springs GOP chair.
There will be two run-off races in the Senate on June 21st. Senator Bob Ballinger
will face former lawmaker Bryan King in District 5 along with Senator James Sturch
against Representative John Payton in District 19.

Arkansas House of Representatives
Representative David Hillman from Stuttgart lost his bid for re-election Tuesday.
There will be three run-off elections June 21st in the House. Districts 13, 27 and
39. Representative Craig Christiansen (District 39) failed to make the run-off in his
own district. Christiansen fell victim to losing his main voting base during
redistricting efforts.