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NAIFA Arkansas P & C Day

"Today's New Insurance Risks" 

June 22, 2021

9:00am - 12:00pm CT

Ron BakerRon Baker has been in the insurance industry since first being licensed in 1980. With over 40 years in the business, Ron has specialized in many aspects of insurance. As an agent, Ron has won many individual sales awards and honors. As a manager, he also trained many agents just getting started in the industry as rookie agents. In 1987, Ron helped found one of the original certified insurance schools for the state of Indiana, becoming a certified instructor with the very first “freshman” class of instructors the state certified to teach Pre-Licensing. A few years, later the state also started requiring Continuing Education as a requirement for renewal of an agent’s license – Ron was certified as a Continuing Education instructor at that time as well.Ron has personally seen the ongoing evolution of insurance education for the industry since day one. He has now spent over 20 plus years as the Director of Education for his former school, wrote over 15 certified courses for the state, has taught Life/Health and Property/Casualty courses for Pr-Licensing and also Series 6 and 63 courses for the national exam for the Securities industry. Ron still enjoys selling as an independent agent, as well as, continuing to teach all the various aspects of insurance found in the ICT curriculum. He hasn’t tired of it yet.

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Ron Baker 

Today’s New Insurance Risks  3 CE Hours
Times have certainly changed. These changes have brought new types of risk exposures. New business models have presented challenges to our traditional insurance industry.

  • Ride Sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) - The course begins with a discussion of “Ride Sharing,” what is it, and what kinds of risks it has presented to the industry and to the individuals involved in it.
  • Usage-Based Insurance - What is Usage-Based Insurance? How is it different from our traditional models of assessing risk? Examples include autos monitored for speed and miles driven and monitoring of exercise and health habits to substantiate insurance premium discounts.
  • Self-Driving Cars – We discuss Self-Driving Cars and the risks associated with them.
  • Home-Sharing (AirBnB, etc.) - Another “new” development is the concept of Home-Sharing and Short-Term rentals of one’s home. We explore these exposures as they affect the Homeowner’s Policy and insurance carriers.
  • Drones - There’s been an explosion on the personal and commercial side of things with the usage of drones. We discuss how has this created new insurance exposures.