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Fiscal Session

The fiscal session officially began Monday February 14th. Governor Hutchinson's last state of the state address was interrupted by protesters regarding his prison expansion announcement. Multiple individuals were arrested for unruly behavior inside the gallery.

Only budget bills have been filed thus far, keeping in line with fiscal intent. The weather this week forced session to close Thursday and Friday -- members will be back Monday, February 28th.

Candidate Filing

This week candidates officially filed paperwork and paid the filing fee to run for office. Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders is expected to win the 2022 gubernatorial election without much opposition.

The race for Lt. Governor will be decided in the Republican primary with 6 candidates in the races including AG Leslie Rutledge. Democratic candidate Kelly Krout will face the winner in the general election.

With filings complete, fundraising efforts will definitely ramp up for all offices.

Candidate Forums

State Chamber candidate forums begin Monday, February 28th. Candidates for the House and Senate are given a 15 minute opportunity to speak to Chambers members. These are scheduled for twice per week.