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Arkansas Legislature convenes fiscal session February 14, 2022


The Arkansas legislature will convene their fiscal session February 14, 2022. In Arkansas, the constitution requires the state to accomplish a balanced budget every year. Budget hearings are currently underway.


The Arkansas fiscal session will convene February 14, 2022 and is expected to last approximately 21-30 days.

Political Environment:

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) of Arkansas is term limited and can not seek re-election. Hutchinson announced his "WINS" plan this week to round out his legacy. This includes a push with workforce, infrastructure and new development in the state.

The entire Senate is up for election. The Republican majority will remain in tact and is expected to surpass the current 26-9 count. Redistricting drastically changed the size and location of districts. Population loss in Southeast Arkansas created larger districts across that part of the state.

House Speaker, Matthew Shepherd, now has an opponent in the Speaker's race. Representative Austin McCollum has announced he will run and is currently trying to find support among the more radical members. T

Industry Issues:

There are no industry related bills/issues expected during the fiscal session. There is always a possibility the general assembly will vote to extend and take on non fiscal issues but that is not the will of leadership on either end of the Capitol.